JU-52 Salzburg Photos

A few more photos from my visit to Salzburg at the end of August.

Junkers Ju-52 at Hangar 7



Junkers Ju-52 at Hangar 7

Salzburg Pano

Flight Around Salzburg on the JU-52

On August 24th, I took a flight around Salzburg on the legendary JU-52.
Junkers Ju-52 at Hangar 7
Lufthansa’s Foundation restores a few classic aircraft and organize short flights during the summer season. Check out their schedule and program on the Foundations’s website.

Flight Around Salzburg on the JU-52 from Michael Schoeneis on Vimeo.

Kutiman – Thru You Too

Kutiman is back. It’s the producer who takes YouTube clips of amateur musician’, mixes and matches and creates original songs. Mind boggling, frankly speaking.

How Not to be Ignorant About the World

My favourite TEDster, Hans Rosling, is back. In this talk he discusses our skewed world view. How do you fare in that little test?

My suggestion to combat this is for people to see and experience the world. And not just an all – inclusive club somewhere.

Lil’ Buck & Prime Tyme

These guys’ dancing is absolutely mesmerizing. They give ballet street cred.